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The states we value the most!

Whatever you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to value the most in life will have a dominant influence on the design of your life. It will affect your choices, it will affect who you choose to share your life with, and it will affect how happy you will be. To live your values in your everyday life is a good basis for powerful and lasting happiness.

A valuation is ultimately a condition that we strive to achieve. We can divide values in to two main categories, state and instrument. The state valuation is often about feelings, emotions that I value the most in life and that I strive to achieve. The instrument valuation is also something that we can call funds or assets, the things I value the most, but if we dig a bit deeper they are funds or instruments on the road to my state valuations.

An example on an instrument valuation is money. I might value money very high, they are important to me in life and this will affect my choices. Really, the money is just an instrument to achieve a feeling or a state of mind, for example happiness. In this case I probably will associate it with; when I have a lot of money I will feel very happy.

We also have different programmed rules in ourselves that tells us what has to happen for us to experience the state we are trying to achieve. The problem is that many of us has done these rules extremely hard, almost impossible, to achieve. This will bring us to living a life where we are not as happy as we deserve to be.

When required, going over your values and rules and make necessary changes is amongst the most powerful you can do to change the quality of your life.

Article: The most valuable thing I know!

The most valuable, the state I value most in life and how it affects my life. That is what this class's article is about. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favorite browser.


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'My values, our values, is not about pointing a finger. They are about offering a helping hand.'

(Kathleen Blanco)

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