In a powerful and prosperous relationship in which we deepen the relationship with each other, we can see the following motion.

That is, a downward spiral that leads to a deeper relationship by opening ourselves and give confidence and intimacy.

A relationship deepens

It strengthens the love when it is received in a good way, which in turn allows for more intimacy, which leads to...that's right - more love. These are the characteristics of a mature relationship.

An immature relationship

An immature relationship has the opposite motion, meaning an upward spiral that leads to superficial and shallow relationships, where we wake up to with a jolt one day and realize that we have become two strangers living under the same roof. A lot of surface, or masks, is what you could say about this.

This is accomplished by someone keeping something to himself or herself which would be good for the other person to know. Perhaps one does this because he or she is a little unsure how it will be received. Fear and uncertainty creeps and begins to gnaw at the pillars of love.

This is likely to lead the partner to believe that something is not said, that something is not quite right. If they then also become uncertain and afraid, chances are that they feel a little less love, and chances are that they themselves become less intimate. Love decreases even more and we have an opposite spiral.

Filippa: Sometimes when I forget that it is my job as a woman to test the man's strength to stand strong and firm in his love for me, even when I am storming with emotions, then I feel that we are slipping away from each other. When I dare to test his strength and dare to bare myself and be honest, dare to feel everything I feel and I deliver it without wrapping it in cotton, exciting things happen.

He then goes in and uses his masculinity and stands firm in his love for me in a calm, firm and loving manner. When I try to alienate him, he will come after me in a calm manner. It gives a greater love and intimacy between us. Dare to test the man's strength and men - remain, whatever happens ...

Markus: Sometimes I get lazy in the midst everyday chores and forget to create moments of intimacy with my sweetheart. Small or big moments where I show more of my soul, more of the whole me.

Through playfulness, or by simply being present and true. Conversely, when I remind myself and create space for those moments in everyday life, I can literally feel love's roots grow stronger and healthier under my feet.

Intimate relationship between couple

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