How is it that we often know what we should do or want to do but do not do it or vice versa?

How is it that we can remain in the habits which we know is not good for us, such as smoking, overeating, and watching programs on TV that do not benefit us in the long run?

What are the needs that we want to satisfy and that hurts so much when they are not satisfied?

We have six human needs, the first four basic ones are certainty, uncertainty, significance (being unique) and connection (to be in relationship with others). The other two needs are to grow as a person and to contribute to a wider context, such as society we live in or the world we live in.

The latter two, we can only satisfy when the first four fundamental needs are sufficiently satisfied. So below we will first to begin with the four basic needs.

The writing of this article is inspired by the Human Needs Psychology, formulated by Anthony Robbins.

The first four needs

The first four needs are therefore:

  • Certainty
  • Uncertainty
  • Significance
  • Connection


The first need is a sense of certainty. It can meing being secure in your identity/who you are, it can be certainty in the form of security in your relationships, financial security or it can be feeling that you have control of the situation. The feeling of knowing what you do, how to do it and why you do it.

If it becomes too safe, we tend to get bored and then we have another need that is a polarity that need be satisfied, namely uncertainty or variation.


The second need is the feeling of uncertainty or variety. We want surprises (only those that we want, otherwise we call them problems), adventures, challenges and change. We want to feel the adrenaline and the rush it gives us. Here we have very different degrees of uncertainty, variety and change that we want in our lives.

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