Two support pillars a fantastic relationship must have.

All relationships between couples that last over time with love and passion in abundance, have two basic building blocks that must be included in the building of the relationship, trust and respect.

What creates trust?

What is it that makes you trust somebody? Can you trust an enemy? If your enemy has the same interests as you, that is, wants to get out the same result in a situation and has much to loose by not getting that results - can you rely on them then?

We rely on our partners if we are truly confident that our partners wants the same thing ourselves. For example, to meet each other's needs and to prioritize each other as number one - then there is trust.

What is it that creates respect? What is it that makes you respect a person?

What creates respect in a relationship is the experience of what your partner has to contribute to the relationship and your joint life. In business respect is created when a person has valuable things to bring to the negotiating table.

It is pretty much the same in a relationship, if I appreciate what my partner brings to the relationship then I respect him or her. This may involve characteristics the person has or how he or she makes me feel.

Some examples of what creates trust and respect in a relationship

As usual when we write further below, we will use the words man and woman in order to facilitate the flow of the text. What we mean is male and female energy. As we have previously observed it could be the man who represents the female energy, and vice versa.

Although it most commonly is a man that at his heart is the male energy and a woman who is feminine energy in her core. Below you will find some examples of things that create trust and respect for men and women in a relationship.

Are you man enough to stand through the storm?

A common scenario in the meeting between the male and female energy is when a woman is in a sea of emotions, so-called emotional storms, and where all kinds of emotions can splash around.

As a man it is easy to miss what this woman needs. It may happen that I as a man become afraid, for the emotional storms can include things that I experience as accusations towards me as a man.

Female radar technology

She wants the man to stand strong even when she has her emotional storms and is she pulls away often wants the man to come after her to prove that he is there for here. The ability of man to be one hundred percent present with his woman is essential to decide whether trust is strengthened or not.

Women have a built-in radar considerably superior to the male inner technology when it comes to knowing whether a person is truly present, emotionally or otherwise.

Closeup of man and woman in couple

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