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Coaching Vs Therapy

Understanding the difference between a therapist and coach can make a massive difference in your results. A coach may not be able to handle your trauma history, your suicidality, your addictions, or your mental health challenges. And a therapist may not be able to handle your ambition for growing your relationship from good to great.

While there are pros and cons to both approaches, it’s important to know that our style of relationship coaching blends the depth of psychology with the goals and results of coaching. If you’re struggling with larger trauma and mental health issues, we encourage you to get support through a highly skilled trauma therapist. But, if you want to take your relationships from good to great and create secure, rock-solid friendships and partnerships, then relationship coaching is for you. A good relationship coach will help you take personal responsibility for getting the relationships you want and will challenge you to stop blaming others for your circumstances.

Our relationship coaches are trained to support you through whatever relationship pain you are going through, and they are trained to challenge you to turn your relationship pain into a learning opportunity. The most attractive people are those who turn pain into power and are willing to ask for help and support along the way.
Relationships are a path. A path to becoming more powerfully and authentically yourself. Hire one of our “guides” to assist you on your path to personal empowerment and indestructible relationships.

“A good coach is a living role model” – Jayson Gaddis