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How do I know when I’m ready for sex?

January 20, 2020
2 min read

Recently, I had the opportunity to answer a group of high school students’ questions about love and relationships. 

One important question was “How do I know when I’m ready for sex?” 

In the short video below, I dive into some important indicators to answer the complicated questions surrounding the topic of sex to determine when and what works for you.

How to know when you are ready for sex?

Historically a “taboo” topic, evolving social perceptions of acceptable personal freedoms has brought sex today front and center. Increased levels of sexual expression have rocked the previously accepted social “norms” and further complicate the questions: “AM I ready?” and “What type of sexual relationship am I interested in pursuing?” 

Social expectations and peer pressure make it critical to cultivate self-awareness so you can answer questions for yourself as to what feels right for you. ONLY YOU and your partner have the answers for your unique relationship.

With badass communication skills, you and your partner can navigate the abundance of information out there to find out what rings true for your sexual partnership.

Here are three tips to consider before any sexual activities:

  1. CONSENT!! The most important aspect of any sexual encounter is consent from BOTH parties involved.
  2. Discussing boundaries. Before getting down to business, it is important to understand your partner’s comfort level around what is and isn’t ok to explore.
  3. Mutual respect. Respect of your partner’s body, boundaries, emotions, and safety.

At The Relationship School, we believe loving sexual exploration between two committed partners is most rewarding but support all sexual exploration as long as it is consensual and right for you both parties involved.

Do you find it hard to tease out your true feelings on what sex means to you? Team up with one of our relationship coaches today to navigate today’s complicated sexual landscape!

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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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