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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Why You Need To Earn Love Every Day – SC 39

By Jayson
March 9, 2016

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Is love earned or given to you? In this podcast, I explore what happens when people say “Can’t you just love me as I am?” and then hope for a great relationship. And I also talk about the best practice to do every day if you want a thriving relationship that works, not just one you stumble through.





  • Why being annoyed by your partner is normal. [5:13]
  • What does being “entitled” mean in a relationship? [6:53]
  • The fallacy of love [8:05]
  • Is a healthy relationship given to you? [9:32]
  • Why “you should just love me as I am” is a lie. [12:47]
  • The real reason you get triggered by your partner. [14:34]
  • One trick to learn to stop being triggered by your partner. [16:36]
  • A powerful question to ask your partner every day [18:56]


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  1. Lulu

    I love the realness in this podcast. Work your whole frickin’ life at this intimate loving thing. YES.

  2. Pamela

    This one really hit home, thank you. I see it reflected in the failing relationships around me and now recognize and identify with those entitlement patterns myself. Ouch, but keep shining the light in the scary dark places.

  3. Daxe

    Yes! I love the honesty of this podcast! I was getting so hopeless about becoming the enlightened, never-triggered person that i thought i needed to be and now, what a relief! I will always be triggered. and that’s a blessing cause that’s my work. Yes, bring it on!!! I can DO that! — keep those podcasts coming, Jayson! They are my map, my water bottle, my box of matches, my bivouak blanket, the motivational chant on my personal intimacy mountain tour. What a resource. Thanks so much.


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