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Why Do I Withdraw from My Partner?

Are you a distancer in your relationship? You know—are you someone who pulls away or withdraws when things get emotionally intense? If that very question made you want to retreat, don’t panic.

The Value of Emotional Intelligence

Do emotions have actual value, or are they just something you either suppress or wear on your sleeve? How can you easily identify what you’re feeling, and further, process it—or should you? 

How to Get What You Want in a Relationship

In life, you may not always be able to get what you want…but does that mean you should just give up trying to get what you want when it comes to relationships? It can be easy to fall into the pattern of setting aside your needs, settling for less than what you truly want, and minimizing your desires in order to please your partner in a relationship. But where does that leave you?

The Relationship School is Helping Veterans

Did you know that, according to the American Psychological Association, nearly 25% of service members returning from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom have reported symptoms of PTSD? And did you know that most veterans come home and their...

How To Ask People To Challenge You – 226

If you’re serious about wanting to grow and become a better version of yourself you need to know how to ask people to challenge you. Don’t be afraid to get that super valuable feedback!